Welcome to my Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home.

It's the place where you take care of your family, friends and guests, simply cooking food.

It's a burning stove, an open door and an extra place at the table for every guest, even when unexpected.

The kitchen is conviviality, is the place where people meet and the setting for relationships.

In Langa, when we say ‘kitchen’ we mean ‘an cà’, at home - the place where you can be yourself, where you feel welcome and protected.

The kitchen is where people sit down at the table to share their stories and lives, as well as the food someone skilfully prepared for them.


My cooking is bound since ever to a tradition I've learnt since I was a child thanks to a rural and simple but very welcoming family.

My kitchen is the place where my Langhe's soul expresses.

Its door is open to different foods of the tradition as well as to the different savours I could taste and discover during the years thanks to the knowledge and the skilled hands of women of different ages and latitudes.

There, the selected ingredients are natural, seasonal and present locally.

My kitchen is the workroom where the knowledge of the hearth and of its history find room, where the realisation of its typicalness takes place and where it's possible to try out new dishes - simple, tasty and healthy.


It's a chance for encounters, exchanges and share of experiences.

It's an occasion to learn and taste a natural cooking.

It's an opportunity to eatat Alba as Albesi do’, in a familiar and informal environment.

You will always be welcomed as special guests in my house!



My kitchen and cooking lab are located in Alba, the heart of Piedmont and Langhe hills.

You are welcome: if you can't get to my kitchen, don't worry! If you want I'll come to your house to teach and cook for you....

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